Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Population growth: The root cause of all problems

Different people consider different things as cause of all their miseries. Those are corruption, violence, pollution, illiteracy etc. But all these things are high in districts, states and countries with high population growth. Poverty is high in Malabar region than other parts of Kerala because fertility rate of Malabar region is very high compared to other parts of Kerala. Poverty is less in Kerala than other states because fertility rate is less in Kerala than other states. Poverty is high in Africa than other parts of the World because fertility rate is high in Africa than other parts of the World.

Its a fact that corruption and crime rate are directly proportional to fertility rate. Many people with more children are ready to work for sand and other mafias because they want to earn more money to feed their children. People will buy sand and bricks for constructing homes from cheap source irrespective of whether the source is illegal or Govt. approved. Some people are even ready to distribute fake currencies and help terrorists. They will vote for corrupt politicians to get peanut money. As most illiterate people are highly religious its easy for politicians to secure votes by forcing them to vow in front of holy books or idols.

Many environmentalists protest against construction of resorts in ecologically fragile land claiming that it will cause environmental problems. But the fact is thousands of new homes are constructed in EFL when a resort is constructed there. Environmental problems caused due to construction of those homes will be many times higher than problems caused due to construction of a resort. Environmentalists are also protesting aganist mining of sand and rocks used for construction. But if we look around ourself we will see more houses than factories or shops. So if we control population growth then we can reduce enviornmental problems as we need to construct only less homes. Western countries don't need to create more jobs because their population growth is very less. But we need to create more jobs because our population growth is very high. Creating more jobs will cause more environmental problems.

Due to high population growth many people are forced to live in barren land, ELF, flood prone areas, glaciers etc. Many people who live in barren land have to walk miles to bring drinking water. Many environmentalists who protest against factories in Kerala are claiming that we can construct factories in other states because they have enough barren lands. But the fact is if we construct factories in barren lands then size of barren land will increase and people who live there will be forced to walk more miles to bring water.

Many religious fanatics claim that we need high population growth due to shortage of work force. But the fact is many people go abroad because there is not enough work here. Many people in western countries are lossing their jobs not because they don't have enough qualifications or skills. But because immigrants from countries like India are ready to do same job at lower rates. But this won't last long because governments in those countries will be forced to do what their citizens likes and not what immigrants likes. So they will either force companies to reserve more jobs to their citizens or impose huge tax on immigrants. The same religious fanatics, who claim that 'big family is happy family', are accusing illiterate and poor people who have more children for living luxurious life when they don't have money to feed their children. My question to them is if high population growth is good then why districts, states and countries with high population growth and more work force are facing more poverty than other places? Eventhough wages are high in developed countries, MNCs like to start factories there because enough land, raw materials and power are available there. They are not interested to construct factories here because we don't have enough land and raw materials. They are not able to utilize work force due to frequent power cuts. High population growth in India is helping foreign companies to get cheap work force and high demand for their products. If we control population growth then demand for work force will increase. If people get more wages then they will spend more money and boost our economy. But if our oil imports increases then that will boost economy of Gulf countries only.

Educated politicians, environmentalists and religious fanatics have some similarities. Most of them have degree in literature or law and only few of them have degree in science or economics. Many people who have degree in literature are helping people by providing them entertainments. Many lawyers are helping poor people to get justice. But instead of using their knowledge to help people, these politicians, environmentalists and religious fanatics are brainwashing illiterate and poor people using sweet words.

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