Thursday, September 12, 2013

Neem Tea for Natural Family planning

Many family planning organisations are complaining that men are not contributing to family planning. But the problem is these organisations are not doing anything to improve health of men. Women are facing health problems due to consecutive pregnancies. So family planning will improve their health. Men will also contribute to family planning if that help improve their health.

Neem tea is good for health. It will also help to lower sperm count. So family planning organisations should encourage men who have one or more children to drink neem tea.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

FDI won't help us to reduce rupee depreciation

Foreign direct investment (FDI) in sectors like defence will help Indian companies get access to latest technologies. But we can't rely on FDI to control rupee depreciation. It will only help in short term. Foreign investors who invest money here will take profit back to their country. So its not a permanent solution.

Our main problem is high population growth. But our Govt. is not doing anything to reduce this problem. Our trade deficit is increasing because we don't have enough natural resources needed for our increasing population. Our natural resources are depreciating while our population is increasing. The rate of depreciation of natural resources is directly proportional to rate of increase in population.

Some people are claiming that rupee depreciation will help companies in sectors like IT to increase their profit. But this will not last long. Due to rupee depreciation people are facing problems like inflation, high taxation etc. Companies which make loss will face more problems. Companies which make profit will face more tax burdens.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Forced pregnancies

Many so-called human rights activists are claiming that Govt. is forcing women for sterilization. How did they force women for sterilization? Did doctors threaten women with surgery knife? According to these so-called human rights activists Govt. is forcing women for sterilization by giving them money.

Govt. is giving more money for pregnant women than women who agree for sterilization. ASHA ( health care workers )workers are getting more money to bring pregnant women to hospital than to encouraging women for sterilization. Even Election Commission is rewarding places with high TFR by increasing constituencies and punishing places with less TFR by reducing constituencies. If money for sterilization means forced sterilization then money given to pregnant women should be treated as forced pregnancies. How can women who do sterilization for peanut money afford to feed more children?

Many middle class people are finding it difficult to feed 1 or 2 children. How can poor people feed 3-20 children? Some people breed more offsprings hoping that Govt. will feed them. The result is middle class people will face more tax and poor people will remain poor. Govt. should provide subsidies and freebees to poor people. But Govt. should ensure that these subsidies and freebees help to reduce poverty and people are not using these for breeding.

Govt. is planning to construct homes for all homeless people. But if Govt. construct home for a man who have 5 children then after few years Govt. will be forced to construct 5 more homes for his chlidren. He will still remain poor.

Let people have as many children as they wish as long as they don't need Govt. subsidies and freebees. Some people will continue breeding as long as they could afford. If they get more subsidies and freebees from Govt. then they will breed more. The so-called human rights activists only care about rights of parents to breed more. They don't care about children. Even billionaires can't give justice to all sperms in their body. So people should give more importance to their children than for millions of sperms in their body.

We need strong 2 child policy to reduce poverty. If people who have more than 2 children need subsidies and freebees then they should do sterilization. If people want their rights then they should do their duties. If subsidies and freebees are rights then family planning is their duty.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Environmental problems

In Kerala environmental problems caused due to consumption is many times higher than production. Still environmentalists keep on protesting against production and they are ignoring problems caused due to population growth. Banning things when demand is high will only help people who do illegal activities. How can we control soil mafia when homeless people want to construct new homes? How can we increase imports when CAD and inflation are high?

Environmentalists claim that we can control soil mafia by discouraging rich people from constructing or buying more than 1 house. How can we do more regulations when people who have more than 1 house are already paying income tax irrespective of whether they rent their extra house or not? If people can't buy things according to their earnings then how can Govt. demand tax according to their earnings? In Western countries rich people are not interested to construct new homes because resale value is low due to low population growth. Industrialists won't construct new factories if demand for product is low. So reduce demand by controlling population growth is the only solution to reduce environmental problems.

Increase in consumption of petroleum products is the reason for Sunburns. But same environmentalists who protest against new projects are also protesting against hike in petrol price and toll. So these environmentalists are encouraging consumption of oil which is causing environmental problems. I don't think we can reduce problems by reducing per capita consumption. The only way is to reduce total consumption by encouraging family planning.

Most malayalis hate Indian companies making profit. But they have no problems to see Middle East and Chinese companies making profit by exporting goods to India. We depend on Tamil Nadu for food, Middle East for oil and jobs and China, Japan etc. for electronic goods. Almost all citizens of Middle East countries are jobless. Now they don't need jobs because they earn more money as dividend from public sector oil companies than money earned by Indians working there. This will change when oil production in other parts of the world increase due to shale oil boom. Many malayalis will loss their jobs when more citizens of Middle East countries start doing jobs. If we don't create more jobs when people working in Middle East countries loss their jobs then more people will try to make money by doing illegal activities. So as always I still believe that population growth is the root cause of all problems of our country and state.