Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Effects of population Growth

Population growth is root cause of inflation. RBI can't combat inflation by rate hikes. Population growth will make rich richer and poor poorer. Many wealthy Indians are buying properties in US and Europe at cheaper rates. But poor people in India can't do it. Corporates should increase profit by competing with foreign companies and not by exploiting increase in demand-supply mismatch due to population growth.

Regional political parties in Mumbai are protesting against migration because they fear that they will loss control of their city. Birth-rate of Mumbai is less. But still population is increasing due to migration. This can happen to Ernakulam district also if people from Malapuram migrate to Ekm. High birth-rate of villages are causing trouble to people of cities also.

In India 90% parents who have more than 2 children are either illiterate or poor or both. They can't provide good food and education to their children. They force their children to do child labour. People who talk about right of parents for having more children are not concerned about rights of children.

Majority of highly qualified malayalees work abroad or in other states. Some of them park their money abroad. This is affecting productivity of our state. Projects like smart city will help bring these people back to our state. This will increase tax income of our state. But for that we will have to free some land for accommodating them.

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